• Algorithm

    Our algorithm is fully open and programmable (the true definition of ‘programmatic’.) This means automated decisioning logic that continually evolves, for greater accuracy and effectiveness.

  • Data Management

    At Platform161, we lead the way in enabling custom integrations, especially for data sources. This is key both for ROI, but also from a legal and compliance perspective. More on this below.

  • Advanced Analytics

    When it comes to data, it’s not just what goes in, but what comes out that counts. That’s why our platform includes adaptable and powerful analytics and visualization tools. After all, custom, fast and flexible graphs and dashboards are critical both to understanding and improving results.


  • Partner Integrations

    One of the great innovations of ad and marketing tech is the API, allowing different tech stacks to communicate, and effectively become even better than the sum of their parts. We support a joined up eco-system, and will gladly connect with your choice of tech, or even advise you what that tech should be.

  • Customer-centric Approach

    We provide a complete service offering (taking in campaign management, strategy, reporting updates, sales, advice and support) as well as self-service system (that includes a full support desk). Another aspect of our customer-centric approach is building bespoke features for clients on request. Get in touch for a no-obligation chat about which service might be right for you.