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“It is not the strongest of the species

that survive, nor the most intelligent

but the one most responsive to change.”

Charles Darwin

Responsive to Change


Control the execution of your entire media strategy with Platform161. Optimized for the Pan-European regions. Buy instantly across all major exchanges in real time ...

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Platform161 enables publishers to regain control of their own inventory. We offer 100% data ownership, a dedicated RTB bidder and a self learning algorithm optimized for the Pan-European regions.

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P161 News

161MEDIA division expands management

Hamburg, 2 December 2013_ Platform161, the European Demand Side Platform (DSP) for real-time and optimized delivery of online advertising [more]

Fraud Click Filter

Platform161 is now able to detect and filter suspicious clicks. Suspicious clicks are known as ‘Anomaly Clicks’ or 'Fraud [more]

First successful knowledge session Platform161 in Amsterdam

On Thursday, January 31st 2013, the first knowledge session of Platform161 took place at the REM Island in Amsterdam. [more]

Ad Networks

In the current online advertising ecosystem data is key. Both the quantity and quality of data is crucial. Platform161 leverages both.

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Platform161 is the answer for engaged advertisers with total dedication to all their online efforts. Every online marketeer can efficiently book ...

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Platform161 is the first independent technology provider that enables online players to easily increase and optimize their ROI in real time across all inventory sources and has fully integrated the main Real Time Bidding platforms.

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