We are Platform161 and we are one-of-a-kind. Each member of our specialised team works tirelessly to produce a high-end, versatile product that suits the needs of those invested in an ever-changing digital environment. Whether you specialise in highly competitive e-commerce activities or focus on a broader approach in digital sales and marketing, we’ve got it covered.


As a group of hard working digital advertising specialists, our main aim is to make things easier for our clients thriving in a fast moving digital landscape.

Our single source digital platform serves all avenues of digital trading and our cloud based technology is not only fully customizable, it’s user friendly and seamlessly integrates into the advertisers’ own marketing process.

We‘re always striving to ensure our product is optimised to the highest possible standard and meets the needs of our clients – what we offer is the best custom advertising technology in the business and at Platform 161, we settle for nothing less.


Our product will help you get the results you need and can be tailored to any specific digital advertising need – we know every project is different and that’s exactly what we cater for.

If that’s not enough, here are a few other reasons to choose Platform 161:

1. Make better decisions supported by our advanced decision making algorithm

2. Benefit from real time insights, data management and comprehensive reporting

3. Customize our platform to your very own needs to ensure a maximum ROI

4. Support and advice from our team of experts – we listen and we’re here to help!

5. We’re the best in the market and we always go that one step further. With our sophisticated digital advertising technology and dedicated service, there’s no more need to waste time on labour intensive tasks – everything you need is right here.


A little insight into how we handle information… 

Our infrastructure enables buyers to combine information from any data source into our platform to leverage the power of available data for effective targeting. 
By specializing in not only integrating data into the platform, but also leveraging said data into our advanced algorithm, we enable faster and more efficient decision making on complex data sets.

DATA Privacy

As a European based company, privacy is our top priority and our technology is built to comply with all European privacy laws. 
Our data centers are based in Europe and our flexible infrastructure enables us to serve specific security needs for clients who require greater levels of data privacy and security. 
In cooperation with top Law Firm Kennedy van der Laan (http://kvdl.nl/ ), we work to ensure that we stay on the right side of privacy issues, so you’re in safe hands.


The reason our service is so successful is simple – we work with our all of our clients from start to finish.

Although our custom advertising technology is very advanced, we’re not robots, an answering machine or a an email template – we’re real people with a real skillset, and we listen to our clients wants and needs.

The result, along with our excellent user platform, is a personal consultancy service approach that commands respect and most importantly, gets results…and that’s how we do it!

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