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Press Room Platform161 and Adoptiq join forces to offer digital and print Advertising Trading on Single Platform

Platform161 and Adoptiq join forces to offer digital and print Advertising Trading on Single Platform


Amsterdam, 14 December 2016


Platform161 and Adoptiq join forces to offer digital and print Advertising Trading on Single Platform

Industry-first, innovative partnership to drive cross-platform automation and efficiency


Digital marketing platform Platform161 has joined forces with print trading and management technology Adoptiq to unite the automated trading of online and print advertising.

As media usage grows more fragmented, cross-media campaigns are all the more important for advertisers to reach target audiences and achieve their goals. Adoptiq and Platform161’s innovative partnership promises easier campaign management and planning for buyers, as well as more accurate, effective frequency capping and campaign measurement. This alliance is the first step to a more joined up advertising ecosystem, where ultimately advertisers will be able to plan and buy campaigns across every media from a single platform.

The partnership promises to benefit both companies’ existing and future customers: clients of demand-side platform Platform161 have a whole new range of buying options, with both print and digital inventory available. And for Adoptiq’s, print publishers gain access to a new group of media buyers, and with it, extra demand.

Marvin Vacquier Droop, Director Technical Sales Platform161: “Media buying takes place over an increasing number of media and technology platforms. And when it comes to digital buying, this is an area already dominated by programmatic trading methods. Programmatic is synonymous with both automation and data, enabling both greater efficiency as well as more accurate targeting. Ultimately, we believe that all media, including print, radio and television will be sold in this way. Increasingly, advertisers want access to all media through a single platform, to get a holistic view of budget, spend and results all in one place.

Timo Vrijenhoek, VP Product Management Adoptiq: “The advertising market is changing. Technology and automation have become standard tools in digital, and Adoptiq’s platform has brought the same benefits to the world of print.  With our alliance with Platform161, it’s effectively the first time the buy and sell sides of online and offline media are being brought together in this way. I believe that our partnership with Platform161 is a great example of where advertising needs to go next, and we look forward to sharing some of the results in future.”


About Adoptiq

Adoptiq is an independent advertising technology company with a focus on print. The Adoptiq print platform automates all aspects of print advertising trading. It enables users to redefine the way print advertising is traded by introducing new trading technologies to print. Making print advertising easier, faster, more efficient and more profitable. For all involved. Advertisers, media agencies and publishers alike.


About Platform161

Platform161 is a leading DSP for advertisers, agencies and publishers. It is the world’s only digital marketing platform that really delivers custom work that helps advertisers to adapt to the rapidly changing market of digital marketing. Platform161 is based in Amsterdam and has offices in Hamburg, Stockholm, Madrid, New York and South America. More than 100 clients from different sectors worldwide use the independent platform of P161 for online multi-channel campaigns.