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What is Platform161?

Platform161 is a leading demand-side platform (DSP), working with advertisers and agencies. Highly customizable, our platform can be tailored to every use case, and every business that uses it.

Programmatic can be confusing and complex. Our technology simplifies it, as well as driving industry-leading performance.

Algorithms are only ever as good as the team behind the tech, and ours is one of the most knowledgeable and responsive there is.

Trusted Tech, Strategies and Support

We’re an independent, and we don’t own media. That means unbiased advice and consultative support on your ad buying – from setup, to post-campaign reporting.

Singularly focused on transparency and service, our dedicated programmatic experts guide your advertising success. To the degree that suits you, Platform161 becomes an extension of your own team and capabilities.

Whatever combination of media your target audience is most engaged with – outdoor, mobile, TV, desktop or radio – and whichever sites, stations or apps within those channels, you can reach them effortlessly with Platform161’s targeted programmatic solution.

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Platform161 Nordics MD Carl Liverstam spoke on a panel in Stockholm in September, alongside ID5's Scott Menzer

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Case Study

Nissan Case Study

Nissan Case Study

With a plethora of different car brands and models in the market, Nissan was looking to hone in on the niche audiences that would engage with the new

Key Features

Below, we break down five features of the Platform161 platform, to clarify how adaptability and customization help our clients improve performance and hit their goals:

Our algorithm is fully open and programmable (the true definition of ‘programmatic’.) This means automated decisioning logic that continually evolves, for greater accuracy and effectiveness.

At Platform161, we lead the way in enabling custom integrations, especially for data sources. This is key both for ROI, but also from a legal and compliance perspective. More on this below.

When it comes to data, it’s not just what goes in, but what comes out that counts. That’s why our platform includes adaptable and powerful analytics and visualization tools. After all, custom, fast and flexible graphs and dashboards are critical both to understanding and improving results.

One of the great innovations of ad and marketing tech is the API, allowing different tech stacks to communicate, and effectively become even better than the sum of their parts. We support a joined up eco-system, and will gladly connect with your choice of tech, or even advise you what that tech should be.

We provide a complete service offering (taking in campaign management, strategy, reporting updates, sales, advice and support) as well as self-service system (that includes a full support desk). Another aspect of our customer-centric approach is building bespoke features for clients on request. Get in touch for a no-obligation chat about which service might be right for you.

Data, Security and Ensuring User Privacy

The success of programmatic is built on data. More specifically; accurate, addressable and real-time data. But as data’s importance grows, so do the stakes around security and user privacy. We specialize in working with clients who have specific security needs, or who require greater levels of data privacy and security. Partnering with leading law Firm Kennedy Van der Laan, we are compliant with all European data privacy laws and our data centers are all based in Europe. Crucially, but unfortunately not always a given in ad tech, our systems ensure your data is accessible to you only and not your competitors.

How We Do It


As advertising becomes ever more tech-driven, talented people with right skills are both scarce and ever more important. Our team has decades of experience in digital marketing, media and advertising. And having the best people is critical to helping our clients run brilliant campaigns and hit their targets. In fact, it’s just as important as the tech. Our flexibility translates to your adaptability. Our speed and attention to detail lets you be more agile and opens up new creative possibilities. Others speak about acting as a consultative partner. We wouldn’t know any other way of doing things. Get in touch for a no-obligation demo or chat: info@platform161.com