Blog A Big Thank You to the Clients Supporting the Casper Foundation

A Big Thank You to the Clients Supporting the Casper Foundation

Posted on Feb 08, 2019

Since a couple of years, Platform161 is the proud sponsor of ‘Support Casper’. This is a campaign that’s part of the ‘Survival with Pancreatic Cancer Foundation’ (Stichting Overleven met Alvleesklierkanker).

About Support Casper

They discovered that alarmingly little attention is being paid to pancreatic cancer. Presumably because most people die of it so quickly that there is no time to take action or to draw attention to it. That, combined with the fact that more than 90% of the patients do not survive, is reason enough for them to no longer accept this. With the Foundation and this campaign, they want to raise awareness about pancreatic cancer while at the same time structurally raising money to enable much-needed research into new, innovative treatment methods.

The figurehead of the Support Casper campaign, Prof. Casper van Eijck, is a specialist in Erasmus MC for more than 25 years. Together with his team, he has developed very concrete plans for research into new treatment methods. Casper van Eijck is not only a renowned surgeon and researcher in the field of pancreatic cancer. He is also enormously involved with his patients, from the Netherlands and abroad.

At the same time, he is highly motivated to find new treatment methods and is also convinced that things can be done differently. For example with viro-immunotherapy. 

Thank you for your donations!

Apart from sponsoring Casper ourselves, we have also given our clients the option to donate their Christmas gift to the foundation. We were very happy to see many of you did, resulting in a total donation of €1500,-! On behalf of Support Casper, we would like to thank you very much for that amazing amount.

Would you like to know more about Support Casper? You can find all information here.