Our USPs

  • Expert team
  • Innovator of DOOH
  • Global reach
  • Exclusive tools to stay ahead from competitors
  • Adaptive, modular UI


Simplifying programmatic using innovation

Platform161 has been a well-connected but independent DSP from the start. Thereby ensuring unbiased advice and consultative support on ad buying - from setup, to post-campaign reporting. While simultaneously being part of a growing international programmatic ecosystem to offer our clients the best opportunities.

Singularly focused on transparency and service, our display services expanded to include audio, video, and native and we grew to omnichannel inventory. Adapting an attitude of becoming an extension of our clients’ teams and capabilities, the Platform161 team quickly grew into a group of dedicated experts. Whatever combination of media the target audience is most engaged with, Platform161’s modular UI and expert team would make sure they could be effortlessly reached with our targeted programmatic solution.

After positioning itself as a strong programmatic leader in the Netherlands, a new opportunity was discovered: enabling programmatic Digital Out of Home (DOOH) in the Netherlands. While continuing its omnichannel DSP services and expanding its programmatic network, Platform161 soon became the first in the Netherlands to offer programmatic DOOH.

In collaboration with Exterion Media, the DSP soon launched its first of thousands programmatic DOOH campaigns and has now worked for the world’s best, including McDonalds and Subway. Having conquered every part of the programmatic sphere, Platform161 was faced with an industry-wide challenge: the blocking of third-party cookies. Instead of focusing on the negative, the company invested in creating a permanent solution for its clients where a reliance on third-party cookies would be unnecessary. They reinvented first-party data and called their solution: cookieless tracking. With the solution, Platform161 quickly showed it could track 70% more post-click and post-view conversions. Being able to continue tracking campaign success regardless of third-party cookies allowed for attention from prominent investors - which brings us to the next chapter.

Platform161 has recently become part of Verve Group, a Media and Games Invest (MGI) portfolio company. Platform161 will continue its services while expanding its programmatic advertising offerings and scaling its business on a global level. To learn more about Platform161, download our one-pager.