Blog Bannerflow uses Platform161 API to build the Media Buyer

Bannerflow uses Platform161 API to build the Media Buyer

Thanks to the modular set-up of our DSP, it’s easier than ever to build custom solutions. Using our API, any part of our solution can be integrated into your own.

Our partner Bannerflow saw an opportunity to offer their clients even more useful capabilities. They took the API and created their own Media Buyer in addition to their Creative Management Platform. With this platform they enable marketers to design, scale and publish their own campaigns. Their tools are designed to simplify ad production. The Media Buyer takes it one step further, making it possible to buy ad space and optimize campaigns.

By using our API, Bannerflow was able to integrate our solution into their own platform. By combining creative management with programmatic buying, it is even easier for their clients to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.

We are very proud to see that Bannerflow believes in the benefits Platform161 has to offer, and now enables their clients in transparent programmatic buying. Fully embedded in the Bannerflow portal, clients have access to all inventory offered by Platform161, the same clear reporting and even the optimization options.

The Media Buyer is a great example of how modular technology can help a client improve their service and reach their goals.

Or as Björn Karlstrom, Product Manager at Bannerflow puts it; ‘Platform161 is working close to their clients, and are listening to our needs’.

As one size does not fit all, we are happy to discuss your specific needs as well.  Contact your customer success manager or reach out to us via