Blog Christopher Reher Elected as Chairman of the Data Economy department of BVDW

Christopher Reher Elected as Chairman of the Data Economy department of BVDW

Data has been and will remain one of the hottest topics of our industry. Although big steps have been made on topics like data usage and security, the full potential has not been reached.

The European data driven economy is taking up a larger part of the overall economy every day and is faced with challenging tasks covering reception by users and clients, legal frameworks and future improvements to our way of living like Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

The Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) eV takes it onto themselves to represent the interests of companies that operate digital and data driven business models or whose value add is based on the use of digital technologies. They are committed to creating market transparency and innovation-friendly framework conditions in addition to representing the digital economy in front of politicians and users.

A perfect match with Platform161’s ambitions, which has also been seen by the members of the BVDW. They have elected our Privacy expert and German MD Christopher Reher as the chairman of the Data Economy Department. This department focuses specifically on the potential of data and data driven business, ensuring cross-market cooperation and future-oriented market design of data-driven value creation. This encompasses the entire process from data collection and preparation to analysis, use and marketing, and always includes data protection and data security. The department is overarching and interacts with all other fields within BVDW.

As his first act as elected Chairman, Christopher hosted a panel discussion at DMEXCO. Around 200 interested visitors listened to the panel consisting of Blundstone Osterberger (C3 Creative Code and Content GmbH), Katharina Friederike Titz (Adobe), Thomas Scheffler (digitalSTROM AG) and Andreas W. Ditze (tripuls media innovations GmbH). They discussed how data-based business models and platforms are changing marketing and the need to reorient customer journeys because of this.

A great first act as Chairman, but definitely not the last. Christopher has big plans with this department; “Data is like the air around you, elemental for our lives and nothing you have to be scared of. Therefore, our aim in this department is to bring together all aspects of data driven economy and represent them in a positive and coherent way that our society can benefit from.”

Interested parties are encouraged to contact Mr. Reher ( to participate in this vision and build up a united data economy representation.