Blog Evolution of the Fittest – What’s Next in the Programmatic Ecosystem

Evolution of the Fittest – What’s Next in the Programmatic Ecosystem

Posted on Oct 26, 2018

A natural ecosystem that includes many species is a healthy one. And on the basis of how the Lumascape looks, programmatic is definitely flourishing.

But in a market with so much potential, comes great competition too – and the challenge is differentiating yourself from the competition.

One area that shows potential here is the growing focus on the API. With a modular approach, come ever more possibilities around creating a customized ad stack to fit your particular business needs.

Simply put, APIs are setups that allow different technologies to work seamlessly together. Think of them as a set of building blocks, when put together more powerful than the sum of their parts.

Any ad tech company can speak about what the optimum ad stack is. But ultimately, that is what ‘ideal’ means to them. And that could be little more than a generalization, or identikit approach. Only yourself and your colleagues – those deeply ingrained in the business – can truly understand what it should look like specifically for you.

These ideas are at the center of a whitepaper we’ve put together at Platform161, covering some of the latest thinking around how brands and agencies can make the most from programmatic buying.

As well as APIs and modular tech, ‘Evolution of the Fittest – What’s Next in the Programmatic Ecosystem’ discusses what buyers need to know around the in house versus outsourcing debate, as well as five more key areas, including media mix, data, analytics and optimization, as well as brand safety.

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