Matching solutions with each client’s distinct needs

Working with the world’s leading media agencies, Platform161 has one objective in mind: providing the best outcome for your clients. Offering fully customizable solutions is our forte, adjusted to fit each client’s distinct needs. Besides offering optimal technology, we bring some of the industry’s best in-house experts, assisting you to reach your clients’ goals.

Discover custom solutions for your clients’ specific buying needs

Besides offering a ready to use ‘out of the box’ solution, we are also passionate about creating tailored solutions for your clients’ needs. Our buying platform is fully customizable and we’re happy to integrate with your technology of choice, or even advise you what that tech should be.

Manage campaigns for multiple clients from a single, intuitive platform.

We provide a simple workflow to cover cross-channel campaigns for multiple clients, from strategy to delivery and reporting. Save time, energy and effort

Provide your clients a customized, high performance solution to their buying needs

Offer your clients a bespoke solution to data-driven ad buying. As media agencies differ greatly in the type of clients they service, our platform can be adjusted to exactly fit the individual needs of each of their business.

Valuable insights for your clients

Combining Platform161’s algorithm-based insights with our real-time reporting features, deliver more valuable insight to your clients. Simply put, our reporting will help you understand faster and more easily how your campaigns are performing.

Access to your client’s target audiences in trusted, premium environments

Find, and (re)target your clients’ customer base on premium, brand-safe sites and apps. At Platform161, we work with the industry’s most trusted, quality inventory. We also provide the reach required to find (and extend) your client’s target audience.