Helping brands hit targets

Platform161 provides custom, smart and data-driven solutions for brands to reach their target audience, and hit their goals. Whether those goals involve improving brand awareness or boosting sales directly, our goal is to maximize your return on every dollar spent. And we can do that either as a consultative partner, or by taking on all the heavy lifting around the full programmatic buying process. Whatever service level you choose, Platform161 makes hitting business targets easy and efficient.

Discover custom solutions for your specific buying needs

Whether you want to reach a specific audience, work with particular analytic tools or require greater levels of data privacy and security, we can provide the bespoke setup to fit your buying needs. We offer a fully customizable solution and we’re happy to integrate with your technology of choice, or even advise you what that tech should be.

Engage customers across all screens and devices

Managing campaigns across multiple channels and media from a single platform is the great promise of programmatic tech. We make that dream a reality. In an increasingly fragmented space, a single buying solution is vital to telling your customer a consistent brand story.

Locate and reach your target audience

Pinpoint your most valuable customers and reach them with precision, control and relevant messaging on premium, brand-safe inventory.

Gain insight into the true impact of your marketing efforts

Apply the power of our algorithm in combination with our real-time reporting features to fully grasp the impact of your marketing.

Access premium ad inventory

For the past ten years, we have been building the optimal product, geared to connecting you with the industry’s most premium publishers. For brands, this means one thing – access to the best quality inventory, and the highest value customers.