Building custom solutions for buying own ad inventory

Platform161 offers a fully customizable solution for publishers, which you can adjust to fit your specific business model. Whether that means accessing your own inventory, or even designing a personalized buying tool with our full API, we have you covered. Whichever route you take, giving you transparent and unfiltered access to your inventory is our priority.

Publishers work with Platform161 for many reasons, here are the most important:

Discover custom solutions to fit your specific business needs

We offer a fully customizable approach to media buying that can be tailored to fit your business exactly.

Launch your own ad buying tools, based on our API

We have developed a full API, which you can use to design and connect your own applications. That means you can offer clients your own branded ad buying tool, all based on Platform161’s premium technology.

Your traffic will not be filtered

Platform161 never applies filtering of traffic towards buyers.

Guaranteed high performance

Regardless of budget sizes, we guarantee the highest possible performance on your campaigns.

The opportunity to join a leading, unique and transparent platform

Be a part of a platform that is uniquely committed to customization, quality, transparency and results. Reap the benefits of a technology created to mutually benefit advertisers, agencies and publishers alike.