Anomaly Detection


The Anomaly Detection Tool detects and filters out suspicious clicks. These suspicious clicks are recognized when there are many clicks on relatively few impressions. Suspicious clicks might be generated through:

  • bot nets
  • advertisers’ competitors
  • crawlers
  • hosting providers
  • anti-virus software
  • browser verifying ad links
  • apps verifying ad links
  • testing campaigns, landing page or creatives


After each day, the Anomaly Detection Tool detects and identifies anomaly click patterns: cases of suspiciously high CTRs. These patterns are reported as Anomaly Segments. Anomaly Segments can consist of one or more of the following variables: browser, GEO, language, IP, user agent etc. Clicks generated by Anomaly Segments are filtered out of reporting.


These clicks are mostly non-human clicks. These clicks are the lowest quality clicks possible. Filtering out these clicks allows our algorithm not to optimize on suspicious clicks but on high quality clicks only. Filtering these clicks will increase awareness of this issue and help create a healthier online eco-system.

In effect

Our clients will receive only quality click traffic. Our clients only get invoiced for real clicks. Publishers will become aware of invalid clicks coming from their traffic.