Blog Looking Back – What to Learn About the Expansion of Programmatic

Looking Back – What to Learn About the Expansion of Programmatic

On the 18th of October we were happy to host many of our Dutch clients during the last impact session of the year. The session revolved around the topic ‘What’s in the Mix – The Expansion of Programmatic’. With round table sessions, we wanted to show the campaign managers, planners, online marketers and other guests how they can prepare for a future where programmatic plays an even bigger part.

On 4 big (actual round) tables, groups discussed data management, attribution, campaign optimization and full funnel buying.

There were so many interesting discussions, that we’re unable to share them all in 1 article. However, we don’t want to withhold these key learnings.

Data Management
Our guest host Stefan de Kraker from O2MC concluded after the session that there are 2 phases companies reside in when it comes to data management. Either they just do the basics, or they use custom data for a specific case. His main advice? “Focus on using and enriching first party data, try to be creative with second party data, be careful with third party data, and keep the data as close to you as possible”.

Marvin discussed a very important topic when it comes to the media mix; attribution. What we heard was that attribution tools are used rarely, even though the benefits are very big. We hope the participants of this session have learned that it would be good to spend more time and money on testing several attribution models. That way they can find out what suits their business best and will start seeing the benefits.

You can find more on our attribution tooling here. 

Campaign Optimization
In the next session on campaign optimization, hosted by Robin Loef, many different KPI’s were discussed. The main question was which KPI’s to focus on in which stage of the customer journey. He introduced an 8 step strategy to create the right infrastructure for an optimal performance.

Full Funnel Buying
Lastly, our other guest Carlos Florez stepped into the world of full funnel buying. A very important topic, as it deals with driving a consumer’s experience instead of only media efficiency. Your digital strategy should be about driving business results, and always have the audience at the core. Don’t just think about a touch point, but focus on what you want the consumer to see, think and do with your product or brand. We believe this mind set is very important, and hope Carlos triggered some inspiration with his session.

If you are also triggered by some of these learnings, don’t hesitate to reach out to your customer success manager or send an email to And stay tuned for more news on these topics!