Iris Vonk

Marco Kloots

CEO / Co-Founder

Marco has been active in the industry since 1999. After joining The Netherlands’ first digital media agency AdValue/Reddion, he has held several positions within digital media at agencies such as Universal Mccann, Mediacom and Zenith Optimedia. Additionally, he has worked at KLM/Martinair where he established their online marketing and advertising strategy. In 2006 he founded ClickDistrict, where he was responsible for strategic innovation and technology. Marco holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He also studied at U.C. Davis in California (2 hours from the snow and two hours from the surf) and has a degree in Geophysics. Since January 2017 Marco has a new role as CEO of Platform161. Linkedin

Cyril Mallet

Chief Technical Officer

Cyril Mallet is the Chief Technical Officer at Platform161. When he isn’t improving the company’s infrastructure for ISO27001 certification, he is coordinating technical issues and integrations with third parties and protecting its interface. Cyril has close to 20 years’ experience in web technologies and web hosting with, amongst others, Lycos and Multimania. He first entered the advertising world in 2010 when he started working at Adternity, where he began building the first version of Platform161’s platform. Linkedin

Cyril Mallet
Martine Melis

Melvin Holman

Managing Director North America

After joining The Netherland’s first media agency Advalue (later Reddion) in 1999, Melvin has built up a rich experience on multiple sides of the industry. After learning the initial tricks of the trade on the agency side, he moved on to work in various roles at both publishers, ad networks and technologies. In his 6 years at Platform161 he has been heavily involved in consultancy, business development and project management. With his operational and technical skillset,  he has successfully integrated custom solutions to many partners, helping them to take the next steps in ad tech. Melvin, who has a Bachelor in Communication, is currently working on the international expansion of Platform161 in regions like the Nordics and North America. Linkedin

Themer Abourayan

Chief Product Officer

As CPO, Themer oversees the direction of Platform161’s innovation, our DSP product suite and its development. Themer is most comfortable at the intersection of innovative technology, media and product development. On board since the very start of Platform161, Themer has made a mark on its product development, growing out our teams internationally and setting up global partnerships. His past workplaces include a teaching position at the University of Amsterdam on Media Entertainment & Popular Culture and a role in the Science and Technology department of publishing giant Reed Elsevier Group. Themer holds a Master of Science degree in Communication Science at VU University Amsterdam. Linkedin

Themer Abourayan
Piet Huige

Elmar Bonke

Chief Operational Officer

“Technology is the future of our industry”, and that is why Elmar decided to join Platform161 mid-2018. For him, this was only a small step from the existing relationship with the company. With his own programmatic advertising agency Fresh Toast (founded in July 2016), he already worked closely with Platform161 as an ambassador of our technology. Before this, Elmar witnessed and contributed to the huge growth of one of the biggest direct marketing companies in the Netherlands, 2Contact. The programmatic industry attracted him because of his passion for the numbers, originating in high school and helping him through his Bachelor in Sports, Management and Enterpreneurship. At Platform161 Elmar is determined to help our clients take the next step with the knowledge and service of our team. Linkedin