Blog Measuring the Programmatic Outdoor Opportunity

Measuring the Programmatic Outdoor Opportunity

Out of home (OOH) is one of the fastest growing channels for digital spend. And increasingly it’s a medium where everyone gets to play, not just the biggest global advertisers. Why?  Because programmatic buying platforms (such as our own) are making planning and booking outdoor campaigns as easy as for desktop or mobile.

The media buying aspect of outdoor used to involve many manual steps, taking up considerable time to book and manage. But programmatic, meaning using software to buy and sell, cuts out much of that inconvenience. Alongside that, data-led buying is making planning more informed, and buying decisions more granular. For example, programmatic lets you book billboards at the exact times and locations where your audience is. And the same goes for optimizing those campaigns once they’re already live.

But what about creatives? Clearly, digital outdoor means video, not just static images, another step forward. But that’s not all, since most digital OOH creative is now built in HTML5 – the same language that’s standard for the web and mobile. Imagine that interactivity and flexibility on giant screens. There are already some great examples of this ‘connected’ outdoor creative, using social media, near-field communication, weather – the list goes on. But we’ve only just scratched the surface.

Another big benefit of programmatic OOH is the ability to run and measure campaigns alongside other media. Both outdoor and the smartphone are ‘on the go’ channels, and all the research seems to point to one thing – the two work beautifully together. For instance, Nielsen research shows that OOH drives online activity at a higher rate than any other media – suggesting the power of linking outdoor with mobile and other digital activity. And a report from Ocean Neuroscience says that OOH is useful specifically for driving mobile performance: “Consumers are 48% more likely to click on a mobile ad after being exposed to the same ad on OOH first.”

To summarize, in a fragmented market, outdoor offers unique, and extremely exciting creative opportunities. Especially in the emerging area of cross-media – combining OOH with mobile and desktop – which in turn is easier than ever to do.

In a large part, much of this progress is thanks to programmatic. All in all, the OOH opportunity looks greater than ever before. An opportunity spotted first by Platform161, who created the very first programmatic DOOH campaign with Coca Cola in 2014 and has since then been the front runner on it.

These and other thoughts have been shared last Thursday September 27th during the Digital Out Of Home Forum in Madrid. The forum was hosted by La Publicidad, a Spanish magazine on publicity, commercial communications and marketing. During the event, many of the biggest players in DOOH shared their thoughts on trends, innovation, roadmaps and cases.

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