Data Driven

Data is at the center of creating effective media buying strategies. Data helps make better decisions. First party data, CRM on-boarding, custom data segmentation, dynamic location data is at the center of creating effective media buying strategies.

Data, Security and Ensuring User Privacy

The success of programmatic is built on data. More specifically; accurate, addressable and real-time data. But as data’s importance grows, so do the stakes around security and user privacy. We specialize in working with clients who have specific security needs, or who require greater levels of data privacy and security. Partnering with leading law Firm Kennedy Van der Laan, we are compliant with all European data privacy laws and our data centers are all based in Europe. Crucially, but unfortunately not always a given in ad tech, our systems ensure your data is accessible to you only and not your competitors.


We believe in a best of breed and open eco-system. That’s why we specialize in connecting all different types of partnerships that can add specific value for specific advertisers. This fuels innovation and helps advertisers get the most out of their strategies. We have a broad list of custom partnerships that help drive our clients’ performance. Together with our partners we’ve built a strong list connected technologies that service Data management, visibility, Optimization, Fraud detection, local supply and many other. We see the value of smart companies the improve the product for our clients and help them be successful.

Connecting All Digital Media

Digital Buying opens up a world of multi screen buying. Our platform is a single point of entry to connect and target all digital Media. We are at the forefront of media innovation and help brands connect to among others, Desktop, Mobile, DOOH and connected TV.

Integrated Creative management

Creatives are a key part of getting your message across. We support all standards in creative management and offer a full dynamic creatives solution that supports both product and external trigger optimization. Understanding the connection between creatives and media is a key part of performance and branding success. Run the same ad, in the same place, with different messages and product offers tailored to the specific user. Platform161 has created a one-stop solution for dynamic creatives that seamlessly integrate into our bidder. We offer full control over the layout and brand identity of the creatives, while also offering the service to continuously maintain relevance through the dynamic content.