Platform161 API

At Platform161, our API is a quintessential product. As an ad tech business with customization and flexibility at heart, it reflects and builds upon our formula for success. While our service and technology have always been flexible, our API takes things further, allowing customers to effectively build their own unique, evolving products on top of our proprietary tech stack.

Best of Both Worlds

What if rather than making occasional, small changes to a third-party bidder, you could create your own, affordably. And what’s more, one that you are in control of, and can constantly iterate according to your own roadmap. That is exactly what our API allows – combining P161’s tech with your company’s own business logic to create a 100% tailor- made ad buying solution.

Tech Ownership, for All

Since you are already building on an established, successful base, our API is effectively a more cost-effective route to tech ownership. And the possibilities don’t end there. For agencies, this could mean continually expanding or diversifying your own client offer, all under your own branding. And critically, without the investment required in building from the ground up.

Transparent Data Ownership

Data is at the heart of programmatic, and increasingly, all types of advertising. It’s imperative therefore that our API includes complete, transparent access to data – whether that’s data you are adding, or the platform is pushing out. And unleashing the power of data is of course key to generating ROI.

Campaign Automation

While data is undoubtedly an essential part of programmatic, automation is no less important. What does that mean? In short, making back-end processes around all parts of your campaigns effortless – saving time and allowing staff to focus on more important work. When we talk about a “full” API this is exactly what we mean – one that simplifies the operational execution of campaigns, thereby simplifying the entire ad buying process.