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Press Room Platform 161 launches programmatic outdoor buying without intermediaries

Platform 161 launches programmatic outdoor buying without intermediaries

Posted on Jul 19, 2019

Platform161 was featured in Swedish business title Resumé, on our activities in programmatic out of home.

Dagens Media and Dagens Analys also covered this story.

Quotes from the Resumé piece in English can be found below:

“The big difference is the move from a centralised booking system, which caters to purchases from an individual publisher in a single system, to a decentralised market where advertisers and agencies move outdoor ad buying to the same platform as all the rest of their programmatic media buying.” – Carl Liverstam, managing director, Nordics at Platform 161

He continues:

“Clear Channel has integrated with the SSP Rubicon Project in other countries and released its inventory to external DSPs, such as Platform161. My hope is that Clear Channel, as a leading player in outdoor, will keep building upon this type of initiative.”

The charity Bigheart was the first in Sweden to use Platform161’s technology on Arlanda Express digital billboards. Scream Media Agency, Åbro and Turkish Airlines have all joined in outdoor programmatic media buying via Platform161 too.

“Right now it is still very new to many, but it probably won’t be long before programmatic outdoor buying is a standard marketing method.”