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Press Room Platform161 innovation scoop: “programmatic DOOH”

Platform161 innovation scoop: “programmatic DOOH”

Posted on Jan 05, 2016


Four innovative Dutch companies have launched a new programmatic buying service that is unique to Europe and Coca-Cola was the first advertiser to buy DOOH via this new bidder.

From now on, Platform161, MyAdBooker, CS Digital Media and Cadreon offer advertisers the possibility to buy external advertising in real time. Coca-Cola joined this scoop with their Christmas campaign in December 2014.

Inventory that used to be traded offline is now integrated and prepared for programmatic buying. MyAdBooker, in collaboration with CS Digital, have developed an SSP (Supply Side Platform) for DOOH (Digital Out Of Home). Platform161 has developed the first bidder for this SSP: through this connection, advertisers can now buy digital outdoor display in real time. As the initiative taker, Cadreon is running commands for Rapport (the out of home label by IPG Mediabrands).

The advantage is that advertisers can now cost efficiently incorporate DOOH cost into their marketing-mix, by optimizing their reach of their target group in real time. This innovation facilitates the ability to advertise on outdoor screens, in conjunction with mobile, video, display and social from one DSP and time targeting specific target groups is now completely automated. This technology can be measure which hours (e.g. students, business travelers or shopping audiences) particular people are using the public transport system the most. For example, this allows the advertiser to immediately respond and buy based on specific moments a certain subway train arrives. The arrival of subway trains is detected via Kinect technology (image recognition) – this way, the advertiser can easily claim advertising opportunities based on peak times.

Marco Kloots, CEO Platform161: “This innovation shows that programmatic buying is not limited to the computer and related devices anymore. The power and efficiency of digital buying is now also applicable to outdoor. Knowing the fact that the reach of DOOH is already huge, the impact of this innovation will be significant.”

Radjen van Wilsem, CEO CS Digital Media: “We are excited about the opportunities that we can now offer to advertisers by combining with digital. Via MyAdBooker, targeting and optimization within DOOH is made viable. I predict that DOOH will integrate with the online world faster than any other outdoor product.”

Gerard Moussault, Managing Director Cadreon: “Taking into account the advantages of programmatic buying, we at IPG Mediabrands have set ourselves the goal to buy half of our media (both on & offline) programmatic by the end of this year. The possibility of smart buying with regards to outdoor screens is an important step in realising this goal.”