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Platform161 launches programmatically enabled DOOH taxi ads in Sweden

Posted on Sep 04, 2019

Online technology meets offline with taxi billboards that are programmatically bookable in real time.

The advertising platform Platform161 has announced a partnership with the taxi company Bzzt in Sweden. The digital billboards, which appear on taxi roofs, are available to buy programmatically for the first time. This means, among other possibilities, that it’s possible to adapt out of home creative to the taxis’ real-time location.

Via Platform161, advertisers were already able to book and set up digital outdoor based around  weather, pollen levels, and other live data. Now there is also the possibility to book ambulatory outdoor spaces with dynamic ad creative that updates according to time and place depending on where the taxi is located.

“Increasingly, outdoor advertising is a whole lot more than wallpaper and glue. First, the billboards went digital, then they became programmatically enabled, and built on HTML5. And now, with this new partnership, the ad unit itself becomes mobile, which opens up more creative advertising solutions” – Carl Liverstam, Platform161’s MD for the Nordics.


The media agency Scream Skåne and the nicotine company Zonnic was one of the first customers who bought Bzzt taxi screens programmatically via Platform161. The campaign was booked to be optimized and displayed in outdoor dining areas – in conjunction with the Swedish smoking ban on those areas coming into force. Result show that the campaign reached around 663,000 Stockholmers in 1,236 hours – at precisely the right place and time.

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