Blog Programmatic DOOH: joint innovation

Programmatic DOOH: joint innovation

Posted on Jan 05, 2016

Platform161, Cadreon, MyAdbooker and CS Digital Media have jointly developed an innovation. Digital Out of Home (DOOH) campaigns can from now on be bought programmatic. Outdoor media panels that previously were traded manually are now integrated for programmatic buying. In december 2014 Coca-Cola was the first advertiser that made use of this innovation and the results are spectacular.

This joint innovation facilitates advertsing on outdoor screens in combination with mobile, video, display and social from one DSP. Advertisers can deploy DOOH cost efficiently by optimizing the reach within the target group in realtime. Time targeting specific target groups is now fully automated. It is measurable at which instant e.g. students or commuters use the public transport the most. It is possible to buy on specific peak moments.

The target group for the Coca-Cola campaign was very borad, actually everybody. Christmas is an important period to brand Coca-Cola since it is the moment to spend time with family and friends (Share a Coke). CS Digital Media is receiving data from RET and GVB (public transport operators). Travelers use a chipcard to check in so using these data it is possible to analyse very accurately which target group is traveling at which hour. So data is being used to compile segments that the advertiser can deploy to optimize a campaign.

From 6-26 december 2014 Coca-Cola displayed a 15 second video commercial on 88 digital screens at 16 subway stations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The campaign was optimized in real-time in terms of reach and target group features. In Amsterdam complete “station take-overs” were bought via real time bidding. By buying all screens at the same time exactly when people exit the subway trains, the christmas campaign has realised 53% extra reach than what would be the case if the campaign was bought offline.

Currently the KPN campaign ‘Late Rembrandt’, promoting the sponsorship of the National Rijksmuseum, is also been bought programmatic.

Cadreon is the creator and initiative taker of this innovation and repsonsible for the project and campaign management. MyAdBooker (SSP) in collaboration with CS Digital Media (DOOH manager) has developed a SSP for DOOH, based on the open RTB protocol. Platform161 (DSP) has developed the first bidder fort his SSP. CS Digital has prepared digital screens and players in the subway stations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam for RTB. A motion detector is observing the arrival of subway trains.

Enhanced buying efficiency, substantial reach, time targeting options and the possibility to fully intgrate outdoor advertising with display, video, mobile and social through one DSP are the indiscutabele drivers behind the impact that this innovation will have on traditional DOOH trading.

Currently the Programmatic DOOH case is nominated for the Dutch Spin Award 2015 (category Innovation).