Red Bull Outdoor (DOOH) Case Study

Red Bull pilots unprecedented tune-ins to its Flugtag with programmatic out of home advertising.

This case study explains how Red Bull used live video to promote its fourth Flugtag event in spectacular fashion. And in a way that really got people watching.

Using tactical buys on programmatically available digital out of home (DOOH) screens, Red Bull gave sneak previews of the live broadcast, following up five second livestreams with a memorable shortlink for people to continue watching the event online.

The dynamic creative was built in HTML5, and bought programmatically via Platform 161’s demand-side platform (DSP). The ads were then served on seven different Awarion SSP-connected DOOH screens, belonging to three different media owners.

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“With a media budget focused around a few hours and screens, plus a creative that teased the audience with a live broadcast of the competition, we showed that for advertising surrounding events, using technology is the way to fly.”

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Red Bull Outdoor (DOOH) Case Study