Smart Ads for Out of Home Advertising

The out of home (OOH) advertising market is set to pass $40bn globally in 20201. While spend on other channels levels out, or indeed contracts over the next few years, By contrast, OOH is set to grow, on average 10.1% through to 2021.

The switch to digital is almost entirely responsible for this growth – and with it, the breadth of screens available to buy programmatically. This means via platforms such as our own, with the benefits of all types of data to power your media buying.

But if you think the programmatic out of home revolution is limited to the media plan, you’d be wrong.

On the giant, out of home screen, this new technology also presents all kinds of exciting new creative options – and opportunities – too.

The tech we use to power these we call Smart Ads for DOOH. According to Nielsen, these techniques deliver on average an 8% sales uplift.

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Smart Ads for Out of Home Advertising