Blog Ad Industry’s first year post-GDPR Discussed at AdTrader Conference

Ad Industry’s first year post-GDPR Discussed at AdTrader Conference

Posted on Feb 27, 2019

Last week was time again for the annual AdTrader Conference in Berlin. As in previous years, the advertising industry came together to discuss the latest developments in advertising, programmatic and GDPR.

Our German MD and GDPR expert Christopher Reher was there to host one of the day’s interactive workshops. Together with delegates, he discussed how the industry’s first year post-GDPR had played out. What have we learned, and what’s next? What is now clearer around the role each party in the ecosystem plays? And what standards have been set out so far?

The first point to note is, although we are one year in, that doesn’t necessarily mean all of the challenges raised by GDPR have yet been resolved completely. During the workshop, the upcoming E-Privacy regulation was also discussed – the indication being that among legislators, the focus is around the quality of this new law, not so much around speed of delivery. As for countries outside of the EU, GDPR has set in motion a number of other comparable initiatives. In the US, laws like the Privacy Shield and the CCPA are in motion, the latter being the very first dedicated privacy law, specifically for California. This signifies a movement towards privacy as well. For EU companies, it should be quite easy to enter the Californian market, as GDPR already makes you overqualified for CCPA demands. And speaking of outside the EU, let’s not forget the possibility of a No Deal Brexit, which promises further complication to media buying in Europe.

Also discussed as a priority on the day was how individual companies can continue to check and renew compliance. Starting with self-audit, which requires the right documents and processes, but also a multi-disciplinary team dedicating time to these tasks. Furthermore, certifications like ISO 27001 can help with compliance. How to choose the best consent management tool (CMP) was another hot topic.

The main conclusion of the workshop was simple: engage. Currently, the legal situation provides optimal room for manoeuvre. Topics such as AI and blockchain are viewed positively by the establishment. But only those who are committed and engage can influence the dialogue and therefore their own market and market conditions.

If you would like to find out more about any of these discussion points, or understand what any of this means for your business, please get in touch, we are happy to help.